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The Man behind the Mysteries

Bill's story begins long before he born. In 1963, his mother fell in love with his father at, of all places, the Magic Castle. This Mecca of the Art, in Hollywood, is world renowned as the "Carnegie Hall of Magic." As a child, he was surrounded by legendary magicians, who regaled him with magic illusions. He was immersed in fantastic stories of grandmaster magicians such as Dai Vernon and Charlie Miller. At the young age of 5, he performed his first magic show. This established a firm foundation for a lifetime of making the impossible manifest and providing lifelong positive memories for his audiences, far and wide.

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Magic only becomes an art,
In the hands of an artist.


Mastering the Art of Magic

Now, Bill is a regular performer at The Magic Castle and other Prestigious Magic Venues Worldwide. In addition to being a Master Magician, he is also a Classical Pianist and Abstract Artist whose works have been shown in Los Angeles, New York and throughout Europe. Bill combines these artistic skillsets to create a style of magic that is uniquely his own.

Amaze, Amuse & Inspire

Whether performing for an exclusive Black Tie Event in Paris, a private home in Beverly Hills or a Luau in Waikiki, Bill instills the same sense of childlike wonder and amazement in each audience. On a recent tour of Japan, he stopped in to visit Jiu-Jitsu Grandmaster Irie Sensei to present jaw-dropping and mind blowing prestidigitation.

His international clients include Movie Stars, CEOs, Musicians and Sports Celebrities. Corporate clients include Lamar Advertising, Panavision and Allegiance Trucks. If he's not headlining a Las Vegas Convention, he can often be found at Performing Arts Centres.

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